Through quantum leaps in technology, major advances in construction techniques and more than 55 years of outstanding service; one thing has remained unchanged: our relentless pursuit of quality.
Oupa Manie Theron (H.J. Theron), was a determined carpenter and farmer. Later went on being a building contractor.
H.J. Theron turned his innate skill and passion to what he knew best and in a few short years had laid the foundation of a thriving building business .
From the outset, Manie was driven by a single purpose to set the highest standards of craftsmanship and service within the industry. The business flourished and 1959 Theron Broers BK was founded by Grandfather H.J. Theron and older brother, P. Theron, joined the company in Worcester.

After 10 years (1959) H.J. Theron was took over as the sole Director for the next 17 years. In that time laying the foundations for Theron Broers as builders and making it a well-respected name in the Worcester region and surrounding Farms.
Building from schools, churches, prisons, reservoirs, housing and factories.
When H.J. Theron retired at Hermanus on a farm, L. Theron was at that time a Architect technician in Cape Town. H.J. He served at the Hermanus Municipality as a respected and difficult building inspector from 1985-1992. He had an enduring passion for training and the development of skills within his community and quality of the building industry as a whole. He was also a member of Business council and Old Boys.
L. Theron soon decided to take over the Theron Broers legacy and moved to Hermanus in 1986.
Under the guidance of H.J. Theron, L. Theron (Father of M. Theron) took lead of the company in 1986 and become the new CEO of Theron Broers in Hermanus. For 31 Years and to this date L. Theron remains the CEO. In 2008 M. Theron (his son) started as Manager for Theron Broers.
Both Father and Son done well in Hermanus. Even in the toughest times of recession from 2008 to 2011, they still stood out as the best Builders in Overberg.

Later in Mei 2015 a new sister’s company has been registered as THERON BROS (Pty) Ltd.
L. Theron and M. Theron as the new Director’s at the company. Only in June 2016, after more than a year M. Theron took over as the sole Director of THERON BROS. The two Companies goals are set to work together for long as possible in the future in order to develop THERON BROS to the same caliber as THERON BROERS to take over the family business when L. Theron Retires .

Theron Bros will put all efforts to heart to achieve what Theron Broers achieved and more. Our people have erected buildings in summers and through the wettest of the winters. They have toiled in mud, in dust, in water tirelessly in order to achieve deadlines and to provide our clients with excellent service. Our people are our greatest asset.
And plans to give back to the workers and community in the future.

50th Theron Broers

Celebrating 50 years in the Building Industry


History Photos

1960 – 1985 Worcester Area


60 Foot & 110 Foot Dams


 Bonnievale Parmelat yogurt factory


DE WET Cellar


Langverwagt Cellar


Laingsburg Reservoir


Oudtshoorn Army’s officer mess


Residential developments


School for Bind & Deaf