Theron Bros (Pty) Ltd is located in Hermanus, Western Cape. We are professional building contractors in commercial, industrial, and residential construction. We also specialize in new and heritage renovations. We operate in the Overberg area.

Theron Bros Pty ltd (a new company) directed by Manie Theron (10 years of experience) works hand in hand with Theron Broers BK directed by Lourens Theron (his Father) with over 35 years of experience.

We have the resources and expertise to successfully complete large R 6-8M contracts, but are also geared to tackle smaller projects. We have 58 years experience and a veritable mountain of successful projects behind us as a family business.

Our many and varied competencies include from pile driving and underground cellars, the erection of multi-story concrete structures, steel structures, post-stressed concrete slabs, and the fine details in boutique hotels and restorations. There’s almost nothing we will not undertake with confidence and deliver a successful completion with satisfied clients. We strive to make it a good experience for any owner especially owners with holiday houses in Hermanus.

Why use Theron Bros (Pty) ltd Construction

Our Mission
To offer a professional and quality service; through our effective, representative and participative team.
We provide outstanding service by listening to our client’s needs, arriving at a problem definition and assignment proposal, sourcing, verifying cost with our professional input and our professional opinion.
We want to build your Future dream design.

Company Registration Number – 2015 / 123356 / 07
Member of MBA Boland (since 1986)
Registered with NHBRC (since 2016)
Master Builders by Trade

What makes us different?

Quality & Workmanship

More than 55 years ago, our founder, H.J. Theron in Worcester, and later L. Theron in Hermanus, realized that quality workmanship would increasingly become the only differentiation between construction companies. It is this early realization that has driven our desire to be recognized for the quality of our workmanship and client experience, the materials we use and above all, our people. We undertake to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them with every build. The concept of "doing it right the first time, measure not twice but three times" is integral to total quality management. We are committed to achieve these high standards and all employees at all levels endeavor to commit to, and take responsibility for, achieving this goal.

We know word of Mouth is vital in Hermanus and that more work will come if you do our best.


The expression "" we use in our team building days and on site. We see everybody involved in the construction process as part of the team: Client – Architect – Engineer – Contractor – Sub–contractor – Supplier – Financial Institutions – Local Authority. Every one of us fulfils a certain role and has certain responsibilities. Together we can create something significant and complete it in time. Planning make part a vital role.


Our Value System

We developed a new value system for the company, and agreed on a set of principles that would embody the company’s ideals:
1. Teamwork builds quality
2. A satisfied client will determine our success
3. By communicating in a clear, frank and honest manner, proper execution and feedback is ensured
4. Recognition creates motivation
5. Trust will be established by encouraging honesty, sincerity and frankness
6. We respect each other at all times
7. We believe in participative decision–making to ensure proper planning
8. By pledging loyalty to Theron Bros (Pty) Ltd, we shall achieve our common goals
9. We strive to be productive for the benefit of the company, our colleagues and ourselves
10. Training and education will contribute towards a better standard of living

Professionalism & Performance

No compromises. No shortcuts. Just hard work and high standards. We’re proud of our Theron Broers reputation for efficiency and we believe it’s the direct result of our hands on approach and careful integration of all our service components. Constant self–evaluation and appraisal of our services help us reaffirm and refine our core business. As the industry evolves, so do we. As technology changes, so do we. With one area of predictability: our unwavering commitment to quality and our desire to remain at the forefront.
Most of our work comes through negotiations from previously satisfied clients or through invited tenders. Each project is allocated an experienced Foreman and leaders. Team members are required to maintain good channels of communication and individual duties are carefully defined for maximum efficiency.


After–sales service

There is no better advertisement than a satisfied client. Most would agree that no one in this industry works harder at ensuring that a client’s every need is met. With this in mind team members are on hand to attend to any unforeseen construction problem at short notice, around the clock.

Our People

To more than 50 year tradition of ongoing training and skills development, a commitment to the safety and well-being of all our workers and an entrenched management participation policy, and you’ll understand why we consider our greatest asset to be our people. We believe we are the employer–of–choice in Hermanus.

Equipment & Vehicles

One of the keys to running a successful construction company is to have the right equipment for the job at hand when needed, and to manage resources so that the correct resources are available in the right quantities when required. Having the right tools is only half the job. Managing the availability of such equipment to meet inflexible deadlines consumes the other half. To this end, the attention of a dedicated team is not a luxury, but a necessity. We retain strict control over the availability and co-ordination of our mechanical resources, ensuring project schedules run smoothly and without delay. Our fleet of specialized equipment enables us to tackle any large project with ease.