THERON BROS does any type of new building work, from Residential, Industrial, Farming, Guesthouse, Wine Cellars, Shops, Restaurants ect.

THERON BROS is proud to say that with more than 55 years of experience as a family business there is nothing we cannot build from smaller to your bigger projects.

We do concentrate recently more on pleasing clients in need for minor works and we call for locals to support us for any small build that you need assistance with.
We work also directly with the owner or with owners agents (Arch, Eng or QS).
We are equipped in managing and building Luxury Residential houses with a appointed Architect.
We are recommended builders for local Andre Greef Arch, Nicolette Lloyd Ach, Rossouw Theron Ach.
We build before for Johan Slee Arch, Rick stander Arch, Michal Dall Arch, Chris de Hart Arch, Hardy van Shcalkwyk.

We do Proper site management, accounts, site minutes in order to assist our client’s.
Our end result goal is to keep our client’s satisfied from beginning to the very end.
To assist in any way with our expert opinions and advise, listening to their needs and come to a conclusion or a problem that may arise.

We as THERON BROS would assist a owner who could not afford an agent (Arch) to supervise and assist with the build by being a trustworthy, honest and supportive builder form accounts, extra’s meetings and management of the total site with all the relevant Sub-contractors.
We do assist with our design skills and experience in working with allot of Arch In the past.

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