THERON BROERS (under Lourens Theron) completed some very impressive restoration work on heritage buildings in Voelklip area.

THERON BROS has not yet undertaken any heritage restoration work yet under the new company.
Heritage Restorations are also projects that are not done that often today due to the cost and the effort clients need to go through.

But THERON BROS is well equipped with a skill level just as good as THERON BROERS BK.
Quality workmanship is a key factor, and THERON BROS has the correct contacts of specialist sub-contractors and installers in order to achieve any task.
Managing and supervision is also very important as well as appointing an experienced Architect in heritage design.
Time is sometimes limited thus a comprehensive program and planning must be made in order to achieve the desired deadline.

Please contact THERON BROS to give our expert knowledge in restoration work and to Submit a quote.

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